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Harvey A. Clarke

Harvey A. Clarke

Harvey A. Clarke


The late Harvey Clarke led A.J. Clarke Real Estate Corp. as its president for four decades. During this time, the company strengthened its business position and established itself as a leader in the full service real estate industry while maintaining its inherent character of valuing integrity, professionalism, and a close family atmosphere in the office.

Harvey’s legacy is that of his many strengths that permeated the office, the most striking of all were his sincerity, kindness, and sense of humor. He had an innate ability to size up any issue and find a way to resolve it with everyone feeling that they had been treated fairly. Harvey always put the client first and advocated for them, while keeping in mind that sometimes a compromise was necessary to advance everyone’s interest. He worked tirelessly and always came dressed in a suit and tie, except on the rare snow day, and was always accessible with an open door.

His leadership, initially with A.J. Clarke, then Mike Clarke and Mike Grabow, and more recently, John Economou, Michael Rothschild, and Scott Clarke, serves as an inspiration to those around him. His presence as a mentor, friend, and confidant will be greatly missed.