Our Team

AJ Clarke is built on a foundation of experienced real estate veterans. Our team has spent decades amassing insight into the demanding New York market and developing specialized skills to facilitate the rental experience for our clients and residents alike. Learn more and view contact information for AJ Clarke’s:



Diversity Statement:

Mirroring the rich global diversity of New York, at AJ Clarke, we are committed to serving its residents with a workforce that embodies a similar blend of ethnic, cultural, and historical backgrounds. We honor and respect the unique differences that make each person valuable, understanding that our role as property managers is to foster environments where individuals of all perspectives and abilities feel welcome, safe, and at home.

Leadership Team

The Benefits Of Working With AJ Clarke
(And Not Self Management)

  • Regulation of residential buildings increases every year!, Over the past 5 years, new annual rules have been mandated for gas inspections, mold inspections, bedbug histories among others.
  • Cost of non-compliance is on the rise as NYC is searching for alternative revenue as a means to reduce massive municipal budget deficits
  • Our staff is specialized in every aspect of residential building management so you don’t need to be a “jack of all trades”
  • Our purchasing power due to large size accounts reduces costs for fuel, utilities and insurance among other expenses
  • Giving you the peace of mind that someone else is handling the day to day headaches of the day to day functions of your property!

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