Our Services

Property Maintenance

At AJ Clarke, we recognize that every property is unique; and as such, we assign a dedicated Property Manager, supported by the company’s principals and in-house administrative staff, to oversee every building in our portfolio. Our personalized style of management ensures specialized and continuous attention to each property sustained by a collaborative team effort from every individual at AJ Clarke. Property Managers visit their properties regularly to inspect and assess building conditions and resident concerns, including rehabilitation and modernization projects. The firm’s principals are advised of building issues and work with the Property Managers to guide them through any issues that may arise. Our recommendations are in turn presented to our clients for their input and approval.


It has been and continues to be our policy to address repairs – whether of an ordinary or emergency nature – quickly, competently, and professionally. To that end, we offer a 24-hour answering service to handle after-hours emergencies. Our compliance department includes 2 full time employees to oversee and manage the growing list of NYC Local Laws and they collaborate work with our property management staff to ensure that all required work is completely in a timely fashion. We also partner with Site Compli, In Check which allows for our staff to record apartment inspections through a mobile device and record and maintain all required annual apartment records.


Whether your building is a coop, condo, rental property, our ability to deliver prompt and efficient service to our clients is our top priority!

AJ Clarke’s property maintenance also includes hiring and overseeing the building’s entire staff. We understand that building employees are critical to the effective operations of a property, and as such pride ourselves on employing only the most qualified and reliable individuals to work in our properties. Our Property Managers work closely with building personnel to address tenant and resident concerns in a professional and expedient manner, fostering positive relationships and resident satisfaction.

To support our integrated management philosophy, we hold regularly scheduled meetings to discuss universal building issues, new laws, and market trends based on a general analysis of our portfolio to formulate a proactive course of action for the continuous betterment of our properties.

Apartment Applications/ Leasing

Our firm carefully screens all apartment applications for our buildings by running a comprehensive credit report as well as carefully reviewing their financial documents. All applications must be approved by both the Property Manager for the building and one of the firm’s principals. Our thorough screening process enables us to reduce risk to our owners and increase property values by securing only qualified tenants for our buildings.

Our leasing department prepares all leases through Adobe Sign and accepts rent/security deposit payments electronically, thereby streamlining the turnaround time on lease preparation and complete execution to 24 hours or less!

Financial Management And Analysis

At AJ Clarke, we understand that prompt and precise financial reporting is crucial for our clients. Accordingly, we prepare a monthly financial statement for each property which includes a rent collection report, images of all invoices paid and a detailed general ledger. In addition to being distributed to owners and accountants, all statements are also reviewed by the principals of the firm on a monthly basis, allowing us to assess the financial position of the properties and make recommendations to our clients to reduce costs and maximize earning potential.

Expense Control

The extensive size of the AJ Clarke portfolio – and our long-standing reputation for prompt vendor invoice payments – affords our clients advantages in securing bulk rates and extremely competitive pricing on a wide range of products and services, from insurance coverage to plumbing repairs.

We strive to leverage our firm’s advantages to maximize the financial position of each of our properties.

Legal Support

AJ Clarke is dedicated to staying current on all legal issues and changes in the law. By doing so, we are able to provide useful legal support to our clients and their attorneys on non-payment and holdover proceedings and ensure compliance with rules and regulations that govern property and tenancy issues. Our in-house legal liaison works together with several law firms to monitor all cases through the housing court system. Furthermore, our building managers are always available to attend court hearings when called upon by legal counsel.

Account Management

We understand and emphasize that prompt and accurate collection of rent is necessary for efficient building operation. The majority of our rents are received through ClickPay, an electronic billing system which processes payment the next business day and allows each tenant to establish and monitor their own account. AJ Clarke’s in-house lease renewal department ensures that both rent stabilized and decontrolled leases are renewed on a timely basis and work with our property management software to ensure that current guidelines are followed and account billings are accurate. We comply with all mandated rules and regulations set forth by city agencies to make certain that the rights of our tenants are upheld.

The Benefits Of Working With AJ Clarke
(And Not Self Management)

  • Regulation of residential buildings increases every year!, Over the past 5 years, new annual rules have been mandated for gas inspections, mold inspections, bedbug histories among others.
  • Cost of non-compliance is on the rise as NYC is searching for alternative revenue as a means to reduce massive municipal budget deficits
  • Our staff is specialized in every aspect of residential building management so you don’t need to be a “jack of all trades”
  • Our purchasing power due to large size accounts reduces costs for fuel, utilities and insurance among other expenses
  • Giving you the peace of mind that someone else is handling the day to day headaches of the day to day functions of your property!